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See, Capture, manage.

Own the data × own your future



This is what we do

Our mission in life is simple, provide the best route to implementing drones into your existing operation. 

Our goal is even better, add massive value to our clients workday.

Our clients and collaborators can speak to the value we create when engaged with UP & UP.  While we can tailor our services to meet almost any need, we specialize in U.A.S. (aerial drone) use within facilities and physical plant management and operations.

Beautifully illustrate your presentations with objective visual data through fast, safe photo and video collection.  A quick email is all it takes to clarify your questions and see if your operation would benefit from this established technology.  At the very least, we can point you in the right direction regardless of your project.

Make your workday more productive, more efficient, and more interesting. 


...UP&UP are true professionals, despite our difficult location they made it work and got us in the air.”
— Carl B, PHC Moto