Creating a successful long-term UAV operation can be a daunting task.  Leaning on our collective industry experience and regulatory expertise can prove beneficial both in terms of speed to approval and creation of a safety-based program.  Typical consulting packages include creation of internal policy/procedures, site-specific FAA airspace waiver, equipment procurement and configuration, licensing your pilots with the FAA (remote pilot certification), and a 2 day on-site hands on flight training.

 Our goal is to leave you with a turn-key program that can be easily managed, in compliance with the FAA, and operated safely.



Policy & Procedure

While many aspects of UAV operation are similar across the industry, there are several considerations to be made when creating a new policy and procedure.  Weather, humidity, elevation, proximity to restricted airspace, and internal political climates all need to be examined.

Part 107, Section 333, Remote Pilot Certification and FAA Airspace Waivers

The FAA has become more consistent since 2016 regarding commercial UAV operation.  There are vast amounts of old information that is no longer valid on the subject which can be very costly for no real benefit.  Understanding current laws and under which designation you can operate is vital for success.

faa 107.png


Hands-on Training

There is no substitute for direct, hands-on training when it comes to learning how to safely operate a UAV.  It is important to learn good habits from the very beginning.  Our trainers are top notch, expert pilots certified by the FAA.